Phi redux

I started poking around Giza and ancient Egypt after watching a video on the Nebra disk, and trying to find a similar circle-split-by-phi in the alignments of the Giza pyramids.

I didn’t find what I was looking for at the time (in terms of phi being in the alignment of all three pyramids) but did find lots of other things, including phi between P1 and P3.

In the mean time, the so-called Genetic Disc from Peru came along, and I immediately noticed a similar division there. Here’s the two sides of the disk:

Genetic disk from Peru

And the location of phi (well, 360/phi) on the one on the left:

Genetic disk split in phi

The only problem is that this artefact is more than likely a fake. Amazing how much effort fakers will go to.

Then the other night I had an epiphany, and took another look at Giza, and there it was… a phi connection between all three pyramids.

On the downside, I would have preferred centre-centre-centre, or matching corners, but it’s not that bad. Compared to my original phi angle, it’s slightly worse, being out by 0.38682° versus the other one at only 0.0819807°, but still better than 0.5° accuracy.

Anyway, here’s where it is.

More Phi at Giza

And putting both versions on at the same time …

Easy as phi at Giza

That red channel looks almost like the natural outline of a bent index finger. Interesting. I wonder if we should be digging under the bottom left hand corner of Menkaure…

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