Russia Today is a Russian-government aligned/supported news web site. They don’t feature a LOT of stories, but instead focus on major issues (and some sports, particularly wrestling and ice-skating, which seem popular with their readers).

The site is becoming popular as a source of “alt” news, given the high levels of propaganda and fake news emanating out of the Western main-stream media. Being a Russian-government aligned site, they do push the Russian government’s point of view, meaning some people in the west don’t trust them.

Back in the 1970s, during the height of the Cold War (and the bush war here in South Africa), we were taught “USA Good, Russia Bad”. At that time I received a fancy Sony radio (ICF-5800) and then I strung an outside aerial between two chimneys on the roof, and entered the world of international radio.

Apart from BBC and Voice of America, I also discovered Radio Moscow (IIRC), which proved interesting, and provided a balance to other news we were fed via television and press. Thus I learned there was more than one side to the news ….

Anyway, RT’s approach to covering the news can often be boiled down to “mock the West”, because the Western press pushes so many lies, the best counter is to laugh at it. For example, this story about Pompeo.

As part of their “mock the West” approach, they also run a YouTube channel featuring an attractive and well-endowed young lady who is not averse to swearing on camera (be warned). This channel goes by the name of ICYMI which puzzled me until I discovered it means In Case You Missed It, and that revelation was somewhat embarrassing because I know most of the netiquette acronyms.

Anyway (2)… the BBC. The BBC has on occasion tried to diss RT (and received appropriate responses from RT). The BBC has long since lost any pretensions of objectivity as required by their mandate and increasingly become a tool of deep-state/alt-state/intelligence-service propaganda. I assume they are aware that people are wise to this, and put up a page attempting to pretend that they’re honest and trustworthy. Just remember guys, reality is that which doesn’t go away when you stop believing in it, and denying reality is futile. That page is certainly unique amongst online news services, and I think falls into the category of “Methinks the lady doth protest too much”, or “trust me I’m a doctor” or “would I lie to you?”

Anyway (3), the latest round in the battle between the two is for the BBC to attempt to “copy” or claim the ICYMI video idea, with, of course, what else but a cat video. Because everyone knows the internet loves cat videos.

I suppose they deserve SOME points for “effort”.



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