Douglas Modern Chess, Season 2

Now that Season 18 is mostly done over at, I thought I’d run another round of the Modern Chess, using updated versions of the engines.

I did try to add LC0 and SugarNN, but could not get them to function properly. It may be because my GPU is rather old, or some back-end dependency was not available.

I did some preliminary testing, to give some newcomers a chance to qualify. The following engines did not survive. Ethereal was a surprise, given how well it did compared to Fire on TCEC.

Ethereal 12
Defenchess 2.3 dev
Godel 7.0
Raven 0.8

The following engines did make the cut. In essence it’s a bit of a Stockfish bloodfest, since apart from Stockfish itself, there are three derivatives.

Stockfish 11 (not the latest available, but latest official release)
Raubfisch_ME262_GTZ20d3._sl (based on Stockfish)
Raubfisch X41d3._sl (based on Stockfish)
Zeus 4.1.7 M (based on Stockfish)
Komodo 11
xiphos-0.6-linux-sseĀ  (not updated since Season 1)
Fire_7.1_x64 (not updated since Season 1)
rofChade 2.203

The results from Heat 1 will follow.



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