Most pathetic phishing attempt ever?

I received this email this morning.

Is this the most pathetic attempt ever? Or was it also doing the IQ test approach… if you’re dumb enough to fall for this, then scamming you won’t be a problem…

Pathetic email

1 thought on “Most pathetic phishing attempt ever?

  1. Morning Ian

    There is another fraudulent email doing its rounds. The email purports to come from SARS. In the heading it warns of a pending warrant of execution. The email has an attachment which is in the form of a URL. The attachment once clicked on, opens a web page with fields to enter one’s name cell number and identification number.
    This is a phishing attempt and is obviously aimed at getting ones details and installing so called “worm” software on one’s pc. This is aimed at tracking ones information on their pc. It will notice what websites you have been to and can even capture username and passwords.
    The fraudsters in this scenario want to create panic and make you click on the attachment after you see the ominous fake SARS heading.

    These emails are aimed at either capturing passwords to banking accounts and are usually linked to fraudsters who have partners in a cellular company. They then do a sim swap so that when they get access to your bank account, they can create beneficiaries and generate one time pins to go to teh new sim card.

    Be wary of these emails and do not be fooled by their fake messages or headings.

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