The silliness continues

I received another embarrassing email from this multi-talented Afrikaans lady who is both a sheriff and a lawyer, working at Adobe Inc (apparently).

Pathetic email

This one even includes the “you can trust us because we warn you about a scam” footnote.

1 thought on “The silliness continues

  1. I have another genius here for you Ian.
    This one came from the “postmaster general” BUT he used his yahoo email address!!
    Look at the grammar:

    “Your package successfully delivered is 100% guarantee and secured by the United State insured”
    and they only want 50 USD!

    US Postal Service.
    (Post office in San Francisco, California)
    Address: 1300 Evans Ave Ste 30, San Francisco, CA 94188, United States.
    Date: 8/11/2020.

    Urgent Attention!

    I am Mrs. Megan Jane Brennan, Postmaster General of the United States. I am contacting you because your package from Asia country has been submitted to my department US Postal Service in California. Please contact me with the requested below form to deliver the package to your address. Only charging fee is two postage stamps, a sum of $50 only.

    Confirmation Registered number:
    REG NUMBER: 7901 8933 4001
    BARCODE 75050 7654

    Please you’re advised to fill below required form,

    (1) your id full name.
    (2) Your Direct Phone Number.
    (3) Your correct Home address.

    Note, U.S. Postal Service is the only delivery service that reaches every address in the nation. I am waiting to hear from you. Thank you.

    Mrs. Megan Jane Brennan.
    Postmaster General of the United States• Phone 1 415-858-6294
    E-mail: (
    US Postal Service California.

    Your package successfully delivered is 100% guarantee and secured by the United State insured.

    Best Regards,
    Louis DeJoy
    Chief Executive Officer of the postal organization

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