Somewhat cryptic message

I haven’t post anything in a while… got caught up with keyboard layout optimisation again, but am now back detangling Giza.

My guides nudged me to stumble across this last night.

At first I was flabbergasted, I was stunned…
Kept thinking I could not be the first …

Meawhile I got the distinct impression my guides were doubled over with laughter …

Rechecked the calculation on Wolfram Alpha (full values, rounded values) but it’s right… Using the rounded values, the answer is 1618.0049443… or 1618 rounded.

Asked Google who else has seen this but could not find anything … if you know, please leave a comment …

So this is a somewhat cryptic image … those “skilled in the art” will immediately understand what it is about and what it means.

The dimensions of the rectangle are thanks to John Legon.

The experts will likely dismiss it as “co-incidence”. The Greeks will be furious.

Undeniable proof.

One day later … my guides had been insisting that π was there too. I tried various things without success, and thought it was a pointless exercise. But they insisted, so I took another look … and there it was.

The history of Greek mathematics collapses.

You can check on Wolfram.

I did check the other diagonal but that comes out at around 3.31, which does not appear to be significant.

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