Astronomy 101 Final Exam

Time: 3 hours
Total marks: 200
Show all calculations. You may use a calculator and drawing equipment.

1a. Is Pluto a planet? [1]
1b. Justify your answer. [9]

2. The Age of Aquarius will start when the moon is in the 7th house, and
Jupiter aligns with Mars.
2a. On which date? [5]
2b. At what time? [5]
2c. Discuss the implications for humanity. [20]

3. Discuss the effect of Planet Nibiru on the Battle of Hastings in 1066,
and the subsequent course of world history. [20]

4a. Explain the so-called “Evil Twin” problem. [5]
4b. Show how this is actually a fallacy invented by heretics. [5]

5a. Name five fatal flaws in Chinese astrology. [5]
5b. Name five fatal flaws in Indian astrology. [5]
5c. Explain the hippopotamus-crocodile in the Dendera Zodiac. [5]
5d. Explain why astrology has no hierarchical structure or sacred texts
like other religions. [5]

6a. Explain why Hitler’s astrologers were unable to correctly predict the
course of World War II. [10]
6b. List five times when astrology led people to great wealth shorting the
market. [10]

7. The difference between being in the womb and being born is about one
metre and a different air supply. The difference between being conceived
and not conceived, is existing or not existing. Therefore, astrological
charts should be drawn based on the time of conception, not birth.
Refute this heresy. [90]

Bonus Question for that A++;

8. Explain the different effects of a lunar eclipse in Scorpio, versus a lunar eclipse in Taurus, on the mating habits of wildebees living on the African Serengeti.

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