The Great Pyramid is not 4th Dynasty

So I published the most important archaeological paper of the century …. which provides evidence (academic weasel words for “proves”) that the Great Pyramid is not 4th Dynasty.


Simply, the so-called King’s Chamber has at least π, φ, e, and √2 all built into the block patterns on the walls. Since the 4th dynasty did not know π or φ, let alone e, they could not possibly have built it (unless you have a flock of black swans in your back yard).

The paper is at The Writing is on the Wall: The King’s Chamber Game with an addendum with all the diagrams at The King’s Chamber Game Diagrams.

Here’s π and φ combined into one diagram.

π and φ in the King’s Chamber

The first two rows have 31 blocks, the next two have 42 … 3142 … π.

Similarly, the last row (excluding the “variable” block in the west wall) has 26, and the floor, 18, giving us 2618 … φ².

Here’s e:

e in the King’s Chamber

and √2:

√2 in the King’s Chamber

There are many other patterns, see the documents linked above.

I’m leaving the question of when it was actually built, as an exercise for the reader … 🙂


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