Facebook continues to get sillier

I notice that Facebook is now measuring “responsiveness” from companies… i.e. how long a company takes to respond to a message posted on that company’s Facebook page.

Which in principle I suppose is not a bad thing… but guess what their benchmark is? I quote:

“Turn on the icon by responding to 90% of messages with an average response time of 5 minutes.”

Do they seriously expect every company with a Facebook page to dedicate four or five (3 shifts plus weekends…) people to monitor their Facebook page 24/7? What on earth where they thinking?

I have long maintained that Microsoft does not grok the net, and it is becoming increasing clear to me that neither does Facebook. The viewership of my posts has declined dramatically over the recent months (because FB hid ‘corporate’ announcements under a menu item), to the point where it is hardly worth my time to post on Facebook, because the return on investment is just not there.

I’ve also noticed less “like us on Facebook” nagging on other sites around the web, so I suspect Facebook will follow MySpace sooner rather than later.

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