AI can’t do sums, Part 2: Vicuna-13b

Part 1 gave us the largest answer, Vicuna gives us the smallest. As a reminder, the correct answer is:


The first time I tested Vicuna, it said the following.


I found the “approximately 0.50000000” statement rather amusing.

I went back today to try again, and got another answer featuring “only an LLM could do this” mathematics.

Calculate πφ/e where φ is the golden ratio.

The golden ratio, denoted by the Greek letter phi (φ), is approximately 
equal to 1.618033988749895.

To calculate πφ/e, we need to first calculate πφ and then divide it by e.

We can calculate πφ by using the definition of the golden ratio:

φ = (1 + sqrt(5))/2

Then, we can calculate πφ by taking the arctangent of the golden ratio:

πφ = arctan(φ)

Using a calculator, we get:

πφ ≈ 1.5707963267948966

Finally, we can divide πφ by e to get:

πφ/e ≈ 1.5707963267948966 / 2.718281828459045

Using a calculator, we get:

πφ/e ≈ 0.5721565957184085

Therefore, πφ/e ≈ 0.5721565957184085.

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