The Irrational Mathematicians of Giza, Part 4

(continues from Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3)

When I started this exercise I was hoping to find “interesting” alignments between the centres of the three pyramids, in part to explain the curious “kink”. So in that regard I failed spectacularly (so far).

What I did find was a whole host of other interesting alignments. The table below summarizes the best ones, those that are within 0.5Β° of the correct angle.

I don’t know if this proves anything, or if it is just a curious anomaly. I am open to ideas from people who know more about this than me… πŸ™‚

NameRatioPoint 1Point 2CalculatedDesiredAbsDiff
√7360/√7P2 BLP1 TR136.066136.0670.001
Basel360/ΞΆ(2)P3 CP1 TR218.830218.8540.024
βˆ›2360/βˆ›2P2 TL 45Β°P1 C285.708285.7320.024
√2360/√2P3 CP2 TL254.515254.5580.043
Ο€β…‡360/Ο€β…‡P3 TLP2 TR42.21342.1560.057
e^pie^piP2 CP3 BR23.07623.1410.065
ln pi360/(ln pi)P2 BRP1 BR314.550314.4850.066
7x117x11P2 C 45Β°P3 C76.93177.0000.069
Psi360/ψP2 TRP1 TL107.075107.1470.072
φ²360/φ²P3 BLP1 BR137.590137.5080.082
Phi360/Ο†P3 BLP1 BR222.410222.4920.082
11x1111x11P3 BRP1 BL120.909121.0000.091
β…‡360/β…‡P3 TLP1 C132.340132.4370.096
βˆšΟ„β…‡360/βˆšΟ„β…‡P3 C 45Β°P1 BR87.00387.1090.107
Omega360Ξ©P3 BRP1 TL204.060204.1720.111
√11360/√11P3 BLP2 TL108.696108.5440.152
ln3360/ln3P3 TLP1 TL327.518327.6860.168
√13360/√13P3 C 45°P2 TR99.67099.8460.176
Ο€/β…‡360/(Ο€/β…‡)P3 BRP2 BR311.672311.4920.180
13x1313x13P2 C 45Β°P3 BL168.810169.0000.190
√3360/√3P2 CP1 BR208.040207.8460.194
Tau360/Ο„P3 TLP1 TL57.51857.2960.222
φ³360/φ³P2 TRP1 BL85.21984.9840.235
ApΓ©ry360/ΞΆ(3)P3 TRP2 C299.229299.4870.257
7x77x7P3 TLP2 C48.71849.0000.282
Root(Phi)360/βˆšΟ†P2 TLP1 BR283.310283.0140.296
silver360/(1+√2)P1 TRP2 BR149.419149.1170.302
bronze360/((3+√13)/2)P3 TRP2 BL109.330108.9990.330
root bronze360/sqrt((3+√13)/2)P2 BRP1 BL197.758198.0900.332
ln √2360(ln √2)P3 CP2 TR125.113124.7660.346
ln √5360(ln √5)P2 BRP1 BL289.330289.6990.369
Pi360/Ο€P2 CP1 TL114.967114.5920.375
root silver360/root(1+√2)P3 BLP2 BR231.312231.6940.382
log3360(log3)P2 TLP1 BR, P1 BL171.370171.7640.394

Key to pyramid names and points

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