Metre, cubit, foot, megalithic yard …..

So I’m watching a video on megalithic building, and they introduce the concept of a megalithic yard:

The length was apparently found via careful measurement of existing structures, as well as finding cross-referenced methods using astronomical means.

They claim it to be 2.72 feet or 0.83m, although the Wikipedia editors generally are sceptical of the whole idea.

Be that as it may… I just found the correlation between this 0.83 metre (or 0.8296 if you want to be more precise), and the sum of the cubit + foot of 0.8319m (they’re both 0.83 if you work to two decimals) as discussed on the Origin of the Foot page, to be rather curious.

The close similarity is hard to ignore, and cubit+foot may make a more compelling origin argument than arguing for a circle divided into 366 degrees instead of 360.

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