The closer you watch, the less you see.

Continues from Part 1.

The second lemma needs to be deduced from reading these pages from chapter two of Christopher Milbourne’s Illustrated History of Magic published in 1975. (Dear publisher: please treat this as free advertising for your wonderful book.). Yes it’s all relevant, and it starts off with a story about Khufu. Click to enlarge for easier reading.

So, the lessons of this lemma are:

  1. People have been doing magic tricks for thousands of years.
  2. It was the priests that specialised in the art.
  3. It was used in their religious cons of the $True $Believers.
  4. Some of the effects were quite advanced, and clearly had a history behind them to get to that level in the art.
  5. Effects included mysterious-goings-on in temples, involving false doors, feked altars, and things like that.

Here ends the second lemma.

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