PKB part 4, Ordered the keycaps

Continues from Part 3

So after a laborious and rather nerve-wracking process, I have finalised the colours and ordered the keycaps. I reduced the number of colours and combined functional groups in the process. Was also limited by which caps in which sizes and colours were available. Was not able to get matching ‘indicator’ (the typing ‘home’ keys) for the Alpha chars. But I never used them anyway, I’m not a classically trained touch typist 🙂 . Cost was almost US$ 200. Ouch. Next up is the switches, once I find someone trustworthy to sell them to me.

For the record, here’s the design now.

Programmer's Key Board v1.63 by Ian Douglas

Programmer’s Key Board v1.63 by Ian Douglas

Continues in Part 5

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