Publish or perish!

Well, I’m not in academia, so I won’t perish, but I have spent the last few months discovering some things about Giza which I didn’t post here. Instead I posted them as papers online (because I really don’t like the Academic Publishing business model, and probably would not have been accepted by any ‘proper’ journal anyway, because what I say is rather history-shattering…)

So the first paper was a round-up of stuff posted here, relating to the cubit:
The Beautiful Cubit System

While the other two are companion papers that rely on each other to a degree:
Diskerfery and the Four Main Giza Pyramids and
55,550 BCE and the 23 Stars of Giza

The important images are below, read the papers to get the full story 🙂

First up is this diagram showing the FOUR pyramids, and the distances between them as ratios of the metre. Horizontal and vertical base metres are different lengths.

The metre, cubit and foot ratios in the Giza layout.

From the second paper, the image showing how Giza aligns with the stars, around 55,550 BCE.

Giza aligned with the stars, circa 55,550 BCE

Now we wait to see if there will be any reaction….

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