Selective transformation

Lifted from the IOL forums, no idea where it originated.


This one is for the students of the University of Cape Town who want the Rhodes statue removed.

If this statue is offensive to you because it reminds you of colonialists, why do you wear the clothing of the colonialists, speak the language of the colonialists, utilise the technology and medication of the colonialists, and pay good money to be educated like the colonialists? If a mere stone statue is offensive to you, shouldn’t you wipe out every other vestige and symbol of colonialism as well?

Shouldn’t the males amongst you turn up at ‘varsity dressed in animal skins and feathers, and a beshu to cover your backsides? And the female students short grass skirts or beaded cotton strings, with their breasts swinging free? It would spice up the lectures a bit hey? C’mon guys, don’t be such cowards. If you want to protest against colonialism, do it properly.
Throw your smart-phones away and speak your own languages, be it Zulu, Xhosa or

Because, quite frankly, right now you are strutting around like black colonialists in your designer Western clothing, aspiring to be Americans and speaking a dreadful form of street English. And it’s really negating your protest. Imagine for a moment what Jan van Riebeek would look like dressed in traditional Zulu leopard skin, his pale Dutch bottom hanging below his beshu.
Not a pretty sight. Well maybe you look just as silly strutting around in the trousers and shirts of the colonialists you so despise.
Or maybe not.
Because here’s the thing, you cannot, with one hand, decry everything that reminds you of the colonials, while with the other embrace all the good things that they brought to this country. That is nothing short of what I term Selective Transformation.

And finally, if you really think that the removal of that statue, will change your lives for one moment, then perhaps you are not intelligent enough to be at university in the first place.

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