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To borrow a phrase from Robert Bauval, this falls under the Spooky Stuff category.

It is a very strange connection between the Grand Metre (1 + royal cubit), the base of the natural logarithm ⅇ, and the royal cubit as measured in inches.

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Royal cubit, e and inch

I have no explanation for this. It just highlights again the ancient origins of the metre, inch and royal cubit, and how they mysteriously link together with π and ⅇ. But what about φ you ask?…. here you go:

Royal cubit, phi and yard

Questions for bonus marks:


Squares and double squares

Digits 0 to 6

Grand Metre, Royal cubit, RC in inches …

Royal cubit, grand metre, pi and e

The magic of the Egyptian foot.

Seven shrieks for the nautical mile

For Spooky Stuff 10, it’s a bit more long-winded than the ones above, so need to post it in chunks.

We start with this equation as a good approximation for the Grand Metre, which is equal to 1 + the Royal Cubit:

(1 + pi )/ e

Now if we consider this equation, similar to the above:

(x + pi) / e

We can solve for x:

Solve for x

Now If we use

Foot formula

as a very close approximation for the English foot ( 0.3047197551 versus 0.3048 )


Six foot formula

Which is the same as the solution for x above, to 4 decimal places.


(1 + pi) / e

gives us the Grand Metre which is 5 English feet, while the solution to

(x + pi_ / e

gives us 6 English feet.



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