Stonehenge and the Golden Ratio

So as I’m watching the video referenced in Metre, cubit, foot, megalithic yard, (, and this image pops up on the screen:

Stonehenge 1

Which is a view of how the first version of Stonehenge looked. And I say, “Hang on a mo, that looks familiar …. ” and indeed it is … that’s the same arc from the Nebra Sky disc:

And indeed, after some playing around in The Gimp, to add a circle, guestimate the centre, and draw an angle, it comes out close-enough-or-exactly to 137.5°, which is what we get when we split the circle in the Golden Ratio:

Stonehenge 1 circle split in Golden Ratio

Circle divided in golden ratio

Circle split in Golden Ratio

So now the question is, what are a people unable to even dress stone nicely, let alone do intricate carving like the people at Gobekli Tepe (thousands of years previously), doing demonstrating a knowledge of the Golden Ratio?

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