Russia Today is a Russian-government aligned/supported news web site. They don’t feature a LOT of stories, but instead focus on major issues (and some sports, particularly wrestling and ice-skating, which seem popular with their readers).

The site is becoming popular as a source of “alt” news, given the high levels of propaganda and fake news emanating out of the Western main-stream media. Being a Russian-government aligned site, they do push the Russian government’s point of view, meaning some people in the west don’t trust them.

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Putin’ on the Obama

So Russian Prez Putin went missing for 11 days and has now reappeared. But now US Prez Obama appears to have needed some time alone too… which lead to this on AlJazeera on 17 March:

Mind you, some Russian bloggers are now asking: where is US President Barack Obama who has not been seen since March 8?

Where’s Obama?

Obama surfaced at a dinner on Sunday night, so I guess he is okay for now … apart from this snippet on 15 March from Vetarans Today,  which gets fed lots of bits of info that other people don’t:

It is not unreasonable to assume that a conspiracy to murder President Obama is currently underway.

Weasel words.. 🙂

I guess time will tell.

USD200 for a barrel of oil… coming soon?

According to the Italian oil group Eni, we may see oil at USD 200 a barrel in 4 or 5 years time. The reason, according to them, is because OPEC is refusing to cut production now, while oil prices are off their historical highs of over USD 100, and far from their close-to USD 150 of a few years back.

OPEC for their part say that even if they cut production, other producers will simply move in to supply the slack, and OPEC will lose market share, which they are loathe to do.

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An interesting approach to world peace.

I came across this video which propagates a cool way to bring about world peace… starting with the current generation of children. You’ll need to excuse the occasional bad language but it’s worth watching. He first discusses the recent Charlie Hebdo incident and states a few facts which people in the West tend to forget about ….