Public nuisances

One of the downsides of running a public web site is the junk mail you get. It has long been standard practice to have a feedback form for users to contact you. This was not a problem in the beginning, but it wasn’t long before the lowlife on the net started to abuse the facility to send spam.

One such example was this message I received today:

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Russia Today is a Russian-government aligned/supported news web site. They don’t feature a LOT of stories, but instead focus on major issues (and some sports, particularly wrestling and ice-skating, which seem popular with their readers).

The site is becoming popular as a source of “alt” news, given the high levels of propaganda and fake news emanating out of the Western main-stream media. Being a Russian-government aligned site, they do push the Russian government’s point of view, meaning some people in the west don’t trust them.

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